Joanna Katherine is a gifted Psychic, Clairvoyant and Medium living on The Sunshine Coast, Australia, who has been giving readings since she was a teenager in the late 1980's.

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Joanna Katherine ClairvoyancyOver the years Joanna has helped countless clients from all over Australia and overseas earning her reputation as one of Australia's leading Psychics, having met and trained with many well known spiritual teachers including Rev Leigh Russell, Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer, Doreen Virtue, Sonia Choquette, Gordon Smith and Dr Eric Pearl, just to name a few!

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Her studies have included Tarot, Astrology, Mediumship, Angel Intuitive & Advanced Angel Intuitive, The Reconnection & Reconnective Healing, Crystal Therapy, Sound & Colour Therapy, Reiki, Pranic Healing as well as a Bachelor in Metaphysics.

These days Joanna focuses on upon her greatest gift, her Psychic ability on a one on one, giving readings that heal on a deep soul level. Many clients say that not only does Joanna usually provide accurate details of future events including times, places and names etc, but they walk away feeling more empowered, confident and full of love from her natural ability to give counselling and direction in the areas that are most needed by them.

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Joanna Katherine also runs regular Meditations and Workshop Events locally and internationally, so please send her an email if you would like to be part of any upcoming events including-

  • Self Empowerment
  • Women's Wisdom
  • Psychic Development
  • Crystal Therapy
  • Love, Abundance & Affirmative Living

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Joanna's Clairvoyancy Testimonials

"Joanna leaves you speechless at the end of her readings!! She is incredibly gifted and delivers her readings with confidence, clarity, and amazing accuracy. I have been going to Joanna for readings for 10 years now and I've never had to say anything about what has been going on in my life... She already knows. She is never vague, she is always specific in her visions and messages to pass on to me, and it sends shivers down my spine how spot on she is. She is always respectful and kind-hearted and always leaves me feeling energised and inspired!! You must have a reading with her!!!" (2018)

Racheal Bevis, Life Coaching for Women, Brisbane QLD

"Joanna is a super gifted psychic. I’m a well-known and world renowned psychic myself, and I trust her.

She has time and time again astounded me with seeing some details about me that people tend to project on me about. She has seen things that nobody knows. She has even predicted things that I was resistant to at the time that later came to pass.

Joanna is compassionate, funny, and feminine. She’s truthful AND gentle. A tough to find and important combination in a reader for a sensitive person like me.

She has been wonderful in guiding me through some huge life transitions. She has helped me see myself as I am and as I can be with love and grace. As a top psychic, I don’t recommend other intuitives, psychics, or healers unless they are truly gifted and have the utmost integrity.

I especially love her work with the feminine and her understanding of the importance of self-love. She has founded wild woman rising, and she walks the walk too.

She is someone who I can say is truly gifted. Truly kind. Full of integrity, and the real deal.

I love this woman!" (2018)

Megan Le Fey Tarot, Los Angeles CA

"There are not many words in the English language that can describe the extraordinary experience of a reading with Joanna. Having seen a number of different clairvoyants and mediums in the past, I am constantly amazed by the enormous clarity, accuracy and detail that encompass a reading with Joanna. Her level of detail, her accuracy in constantly changing circumstances and her compassionate delivery with the information she imparts is a truly cathartic, informative and beautiful experience. She speaks directly to your soul, she gives you information that no-one else knows the beautiful human frailties we all share and she gives you the information that you need to be the best you can be in this lifetime. I have referred many of my friends to Joanna all of whom have experienced the same wonderful experience as I. Her level of detail down to places, situations, people and their descriptions is absolutely 100% - welcome to your journey with Joanna, it's a life changing experience." (2012)

Mellissa - Sunshine Coast, QLD

"Wow yet again I have been amazed by the extremely talented Joanna. Her soul to soul readings are filled with accuracy, honesty, and compassion. She has extraordinary talent and a true connection to spirit world. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a reading from a true professional. Thankyou Joanna for my third amazing reading with you." (2018)

Trish S, Sunshine Coast, QLD

"I had a 1 hour reading with Joanna and was amazed at how accurate she was right from the beginning of the reading! She was 100% accurate on so many things that only I knew about, and events she said would happen in my near future actually did happen. Joanna was confident giving the reading and professional and I am looking forward to booking future readings with her. I would very highly recommend Joanna to anyone seeking answers in their life."(2012)

Vicky, Sunshine Coast, QLD

"Joanna is one of the best intuitives and Psychic Guides here on Earth that I have been honored to know. Her readings are multi- dimensional and help you find the answers and sacred Paths that are right for you." (2018)

Annie Truesdell, Indianapolis, IN.

"Back in January, I got a second reading with Joanna and I have to say that her gift is unrivalled. She has described exact people that have then walked into my life and helped me travel this crazy path I'm barrelling down. I am incredibly lucky to have found her. Her wisdom and insight have given me tremendous amounts of courage to pursue my dreams. Manifesting has happened quicker than I ever could have imagined because Joanna has stressed the importance of gratitude. I have had a lot of amazing career moves happen in the last four months and I attribute some of that success to meeting and speaking with Joanna. She gives me clarity in cloudiness. Thank you for always being the voice of reason. You are like Mother Earth to me, giving back in such a powerful way. You are a source of energy and I feel fortunate to have known and worked with you." (2018)

Michelle Vezilj, Singer/ Songwriter/ Actress – Los Angeles, CA

"I just want to say a BIG FAT THANKYOU for the guidance you've given me over the years you've given me much needed advice and attitude adjustments exactly when I needed them and I will be forever grateful for that!!!" (2015)

Cady S – Brisbane, QLD

"I have been having regular readings with Joanna for over 10 years now, and I have to say that while I sometimes seek out other (well known and respected) psychics since returning to the UK, Joanna has proven to be the most consistent in accuracy and prediction. She has seen things developing years in advance, things that leave me wondering "how could she know that back then?" The thing I love the most about her is how relaxed, down to earth and funny she can be at times while she delivers some home truths. I always walk away feeling inspired and motivated on both a business and personal level. She’s beautiful and the BEST PSYCHIC!" (2016)

Anthony C - London, UK

"Amazingly beautiful woman. Inside and out. The best clairvoyant I have ever been to." (2017)

Judy F – Woombye, QLD

"It is with great pleasure I write a note regarding my experience working with Joanna Katherine. I have met with Joanna several times in the past few years. My initial meeting was in Indianapolis face to face. All of my other meetings have been via the telephone and just as helpful!

Joanna is a delight to work with and offers keen insight on many topics. Great, continued success!" (2018)

Maureen H, Louisville, KY

"Joanna Katherine was a guest psychic from Australia that knew all about my health issues and described the surgery that I was getting ready to have and even knew how many children I have and about one who passed away. She also knew about my husband’s business and was spot on about the type of’s extremely unusual and she nailed it. I didn't even wear a wedding ring and she knew all of this!" (YELP 2017)

Laura E - Indianapolis, IN

"Joanna Katherine you are such an amazing woman and clairvoyant. You magically have always appeared when I have needed your guidance and heavenly gift the most. You have always had me in awe with your readings... you project this amazing energy and light ... you are a true gift to this earth and all those you encounter. I am truly blessed to have crossed paths with you in this lifetime and am thankful for every reading you have done for me, you are next level amazing!! A true goddess with so many incredible gifts xx" (2018)

Minna F, Nambour, QLD

"On my mother’s recommendation, three days after my marriage ended, I met with Joanna for a reading. For the intense period that followed in my life Joanna provided insight as well as spiritual guidance.

I can't express enough how much she helped me and still does as her wise and beautiful words have stayed with me!" (2017)

Kirsty T, Sunshine Coast, QLD

"A client recommended Joanna to me and I felt that this was a calling to get some clarity about current unfoldings in my life. Joanna's reading was nothing short of amazing. She has a huge heart that shines with unconditional love, whilst being grounded and clear in her messages. She has a direct communication line to Spirit, and the guidance is strong, directive, accurate and profound. Her readings encompass every aspect of the complexities of ourselves as spirits experiencing life here and all aspects of life are touched upon with clarity and accuracy. Joanna is unique in that she has the ability to tap into the present and future, rather than focussing on the past, which is hugely empowering. I left the reading feeling uplifted and connected with Spirit and couldn't wait to tell the girls at work about her talents. I highly recommend Joanna as a professional and gifted psychic and as a wonderful soul who is fulfilling her destiny in life."(2012)

Amata, Noosa, QLD - author of "The Golden Thread"

"Hi Joanna, I would like to thank you for all your advice and accurate readings you have provided me over the past number of years. There have been so many different areas of my life that you have been so accurate, timing is sometime 12 months out, however the months are always spot on!! Hope to catch up with you in the very near future for another reading."(2012)

Sharon - Burleigh Waters, Gold Coast, QLD

"Joanna Katherine is a wonderful Clairvoyant and a wonderful woman ... recently, she said I'd be going to the US in January/Feb next year and I dismissed it! No way! Not on the list at all ... but sure enough ... I AM going, to my surprise ... to start my year of mentorship with Rachael Jayne Groover and Datta Groover . I'm so excited! ... And trusting that things on a personal level will sort too." (2013)

Janet McGeever, Noosa Heads, QLD.

"I first met Joanna almost 3 years ago and have had 4 readings during this time. She still continues to amaze me. There have been so many details of my readings which have astounded me and left me wondering "How could she have known that!" These details include incidents (past, present and future) about not only me but my children and family also. Her level of accuracy is just outstanding.

I would like to share one significant detail that Joanna mentioned during a reading in March 2010. During this reading Joanna mentioned my 13 year old daughter and how she would have problems and pain in her stomach. Not life threatening but she would be very sick. She couldn't say exactly where - just pain all over. She also said that over the next few years I would struggle to keep her at school. At first I came away thinking 'great I'm going to have a hormonal and emotional teenager to deal with.' A few weeks later my daughter had her first appointment with a doctor - she had starting having stomach pains. Not bad at that point. But, as the year progressed things got worse. Calls from school to say "she's sick again!" were a weekly occurrence. Ultrasounds, blood tests, x-rays and more blood tests revealed nothing until eventually she was so violently ill and was hospitalised.

We were referred to specialists at the Royal Children’s' Hospital in Brisbane in November 2010. It was there that she was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease - a disease which affects the entire digestive system. And she had pain all over! Since diagnosis school is almost non-existent and we have an amazing tutor come to our home to help her. Over the past year I have thought of that reading many times and wondered - how could Joanna have known?

I have seen Joanna since then and she has continued to amaze with her knowledge and insight of me, my life and my family. She discusses specific details of each which are personal and not common knowledge to others.

Joanna is a truly gifted psychic. With each reading she has amazed, guided and even comforted me. I have recommended Joanna to a number of friends and they too have been amazed by her ability.

I would recommend Joanna to anyone wanting a reading. You won't be disappointed." (2012)

Shelley, Woombye, QLD