Is Joanna the right psychic for you?

Before booking a reading with any psychic it is imperative to do your own research, ask for recommendations from friends, colleagues or relatives who may have had a successful reading. Always read the psychic’s testimonials via website or social media, and most importantly trust your own intuition regarding he reader.

A reading should be an overall positive, enlightening and uplifting experience bringing about hope, inspiration and direction, encouraging you to move forward in life with some form of clarity and purpose.

If you do not feel some sort of connection with the psychic beforehand, you may not have a satisfying reading outcome.

“While my readings are predominantly psychic, with Tarot Cards as my oracle of choice, please be open to the possibility of spirit coming through. I can’t control whether or not spirit does come through, just like I cannot control the specific guidance and messages the other side want to send to you, but I am always happy to act in spirit and service to those in need” - Joanna Katherine

As per the Universal Laws we are all Human Beings. Being Human we need to allow ourselves to be and live through our process. As such Joanna Katherine recommends a minimum time of three months between readings. Readings are to be taken as advice for entertainment purposes only, as we all have free will.

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